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You could be an employer with:-

  • a staffing problem you would like to solve

  • an internal issue between your employees which you would like to resolve to get everyone back to work

Or are you an employee with:

  • a dispute with your current employer?

  • a problem with a previous employer?

Whatever the case Northwest Mediation can help, with individual dispute resolution and commercial mediation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution or Mediation has been at the centre of resolving issues for many years.  Most people have heard of ACAS who are a mediation service favoured by unions and employers. 

At Northwest Mediation we understand the difficulty, divisiveness, distraction and loss of income that employment disputes cause.

We have worked with local and national businesses in manufacturing, service industries and the retail sector with inter-department problems, personal conflicts and business wide issues.

We can help narrow the issues and find a resolution that both sides of the argument can accept and get everyone back to concentrating on their job.  Whether that’s running the business or just doing a good job within a business.

Employment mediation can also be used where you have a dispute with a former employer but you do not want to go to the expense of either an employment tribunal or court proceedings, which both carry costs consequences.

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