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Of father's and sons

We start with another success for mediation with the story about the owner of Ice Hockey team the Carolina Hurricanes.

Peter Karmanos was being sued by his own kids for mishandling the family trust. The children had alleged the Hurricanes’ owner had “borrowed” $100m to assist the running of the team but failed to pay the interest on the loan (just shy of $4 m).

After lengthy confidential mediation pleadings filed with the Oakland County Court in Michigan has confirmed settlement of the case.

Meanwhile in San Francisco the state has been told by federal judges that they cannot implement new tax laws which would allow them to issue proceedings or fine home sharing companies (primarily Air BNB and Home Away) until mediation has been undertaken.

The judge expressed his disappointment that the parties hadn’t managed to work out their issues before the new law came into effect. Northwest Mediation so often see parties come to mediation after only been told to by a judge, when really it should be a first step to settlement with court being the last resort.

Some parties worry about the imbalance of power in a mediation but that’s why we use shuttle or caucus mediation to ensure that no party can bully or even try to bully the other into agreeing with them.

If you have an issue (whether your father’s borrowed money from you or you have a tax issue) and would like to speak to a mediator about resolving the dispute in a secure, friendly, confidential and professional atmosphere call Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or email on

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