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National Roll Out for Clinical Negligence Mediation

Finally the National Health Service Litigation Authority (who defend cases against hospitals and medical professionals) has caught up with what Northwest Mediation has been saying for some time and decided their successful mediation pilot scheme should be rolled out across the country.

Clinical negligence cases have been a nightmare for all involved, often it isn’t money that claimant’s have wanted but to know that what has happened to them or their family won’t happen again or given an explanation of why the error happened, but the law has been limited to awarding damages.

Mediation has no such limits and Northwest Mediation is delighted that injured claimants can now go to mediation to get a resolution rather than the expense and incredibly long and drawn out process of taking a claim to court.

Helen Vernon of the NHSLA agrees with us “Mediation is an excellent forum for dispute resolution and provides injured patients and their families with an opportunity for face to face explanations and apologies when things go wrong and reducing the need for unnecessary litigation.”

If you have a medical or clinical negligence issue and would like to discuss Northwest Mediation can help you mediate an agreement rather than going to court contact Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email

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