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Mediation helps the homeless

Mediation in Glasgow is being used to help tackle the issue of the increasing number of homeless.

Mediation wouldn’t necessarily be your first port of call if you were homeless but in Glasgow and other cities mediators embedded with the social services are helping reconcile homeless people with their families.

Community Safety Glasgow is one such team who include mediators as well as benefits advisors.

They have helped people with a variety of reasons for becoming homeless to address their issues have the difficult conversations with their families and the mediations are proven to have the positive result of getting people back to their families.

Meanwhile the Pakistani Saif Group of companies have enlisted the Investment Minister as mediator between them and the Egyptian banks to assist Saif maintain their highly regarded position in the textile industry.

Meetings have now taken place and we wait to see the outcome, Egypt has been trying to reassure investors into the country in an effort to revive the economy so there would appear to be an obvious benefit to both sides.

Your problem may not be that you’re homeless but it could be that you have an issue with a landlord or a tenant or you might be looking for someone to mediate an agreement between you and a funder or bank. Wether it’s an issue for you personally or a corporate issue for your business mediation is the way forward.

For help call Northwest Mediation on 07931318347 or email

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