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An attack of the Vapours?

As reported in my last blog, week was Family Mediation Week and we heard support for mediation in a family setting this time Sir Oliver Heald QC Conservative MP and the Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice said he was “a strong supporter” of mediation which helps “couples reach agreements and reduce the stress of separation”.

He went further to say he wanted better “information and signposting, so that more people are aware of how mediation can help dispute resolution”.

It’s a definite positive step to hear ministers backing mediation in the family context, but mediation isn’t just for warring couples.

More use of mediation has also been seen in Hanford, Washington, where workers who are seeking better protection from vapours from Tank Farm.

The court has permitted a 6 month delay to the trial date just to allow mediation to take place.

The complex issues come from a case in which various parties (including Washington State) are trying to ensure there is independent monitoring and better protection for everyone from vapours coming from underground waste storage tanks, the waste includes nuclear power rods from defunct power stations.

If you have a problem with a neighbour’s noxious vapours, or a dispute over contact with your child or contractual disputes which you do not want to spend thousands of pounds and years arguing in court contact Ed Johnson at Northwest Mediation on 07931318347 or via email at

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