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International Mediation

In Albania’s capital, Tirana, political analysts have suggested that mediation is the only way forward to resolve the crisis in the country’s parliament.

The opposition party led by Mr Big lookalikee Lulzim Basha have been boycotting parliament since the middle of February in protest against Prime Minister Edi Rama remaining in power in any way.

This has resulted in legislation slowing and preventing the vetting and appointment of 800 judicial positions.

The analyses, from the Albanian institute of political studies, suggests that Rama must be part of the government and so a mediated solution is the only way forward to reach an agreement between the disparate views.

Northwest Mediation doesn’t do any work internationally (at the moment) but mediation can help, and not just in family cases.

We deal with commercial mediation and inheritance disputes as well as arguments with the neighbours and provide resolutions for contractual disputes.

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