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Pay and Conditions

One of the benefits of mediation is its confidential nature so no surprise that it comes into play (pun intended) in sport.

Gerard Deulofeu, on loan from Everton to Milan for instance, is the only party preventing a move to FC Barcelona, and with a 12m Euro price tag that’s something of an issue even in the high stakes European game.

So the parties have turned to mediation to sort out how much game time he will get, which with the talent levels at the Spanish club have to be a concern for any “new” player.

At a much lower end of the pay scale offshore energy firms in Norway are heading to mediation to reach agreement with some of the smaller workers unions, the largest two having already agreed deals.

Mediation is mandatory in Norway before any union action, including strikes can be called.

If you have a pay dispute, an issue with an employee, a family member, a commercial dispute in need of mediation contact Northwest Mediation on 07931318347 or via email at

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