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Debate or Mediate?

You can’t help thinking that following the surprise election results they’ll be an awful lot of mediation going on in Downing Street, but that’s not the only branch of the government currently looking for mediation help.

Fractious Ledbury Town Council (not the town hall pictured)has called in the mediators to help them resolve their differences, the newly elected Mayor Elaine Fieldhouse has said she has already agreed to mediation and will now look into getting the ball rolling.

Other councillors were not so keen, Tony Bradford said "I am not arguing. I debate. I'm not arguing with any of my fellow councillors."

Northwest Mediation has offered to assist Ledbury TC but while we await their call are able to assist you whether you’re debating with your council, arguing with your neighbours, the landlord, or have a family or need a company/commercial mediation. Call Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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