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Mediation on an international scale

Notorious wannabe mediator US president Donald Trump has once again offered his mediation services in the South China Sea Dispute, offered his services as a mediator in the South China Sea territorial dispute between China, Vietnam and several other countries around the SCS. Not one to shy away from his own ego he said “I can help mediate or arbitrate, please let me know… I am a very good mediator,” evidence not being something the Don bothers with.

Without his interference/intervention who knows if the “important consensus” reached hours later would have happened. It’s almost like he knew an agreement was on the table so there was no risk of anyone taking up his offer.

Meanwhile across the South China Sea in Australia Mark Moshinsky, Federal Court judge, has a dispute between the Australian Competition Consumer and Commission (ACCC) and Apple to mediation. ACCC are seeking punitive damages against Apple for infringing consumer rights.

The allegations are that Apple misled consumers on their rights when it came to defective iPhones.

The complaints about Apple’s conduct arise where they refuse to offer refunds on faulty devices if the iPhone has been taken to a non-approved repairer for a previous problem (such as a cracked screen), Apple you will know are keen to keep control of all its tech even where it is the iOS update which caused the problem, known as “error 53”.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims said "Consumer guarantee rights under the Australian Consumer Law exist independently of any manufacturer's warranty and are not extinguished simply because a consumer has goods repaired by a third party…Denying a consumer their consumer guarantee rights simply because they had chosen a third party repairer not only impacts those consumers but can dissuade other customers from making informed choices about their repair options including where they may be offered at lower cost than the manufacturer...As consumer goods become increasingly complex, businesses also need to remember that consumer rights extend to any software or software updates loaded onto those goods. Faults with software or software updates may entitle consumers to a free remedy under the Australian Consumer Law."

Whether you have a consumer law issue, need a property mediation, have a commercial dispute in need of mediation, a directors’ dispute, an inheritance argument or a family disagreement mediation can help you resolve the issues without the expense, delay and stress of court proceedings.

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