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Every set back is an opportunity - mediation

With the continued backlog of cases mediation is even more so now than ever the best choice to find a resolution for your dispute. Get your dispute resolved now while you can’t go anywhere you can really concentrate on what’s important and what deserves your time and energy.

Northwest Mediation continues to use Zoom, Skype and FaceTime as well as the phone and emails to resolve disputes should we add we also do live in person mediation too! So please do not feel that you cannot contact us if you would like to mediate but wish to do so remotely.

Every set back presents an opportunity is what I’m told, for me this week my set back is going camping with a group of friends without my kids for the first time in many years. It will feel different without them, though there are opportunities arising as I do not need to be keeping one eye on them all the time and to a certain extent I can widen the menu (and I'm able to cut down on the packing as well).

Mediation generally comes as a result of a setback but should be treated by all as an opportunity to move forward, resolve an old problem and experience “the new”.

Taking advantage of the mediation option in this week’s news is the union for technical healthcare staff in Alberta, Health Sciences of Alberta.

In a story familiar to NHS staff in the UK the staff were being hailed as heroes of the pandemic but being forced to take pay cuts at the same time Dr. Deena Hinshaw (Alberta’s Chief Medical officer) scored a massive bonus!

A mediator was brought in and thankfully a resolution reached, by talking, another thing our government and it’s ministers aren’t terribly good at, eh Beachcomber?

In Boston (not the one in Lincolnshire) the Attorney General Maura Healey is the one helping out where problems arise and seeking opportunities. She has announced a $2 million fund to assist setting up face to face mediation for consumers in tandem with the AG’s push for consumer rights the project is backed by the Consumer Advocacy and Response Division.

Maura said “My office wants to ensure that consumers across our state have access to mediation and advocacy services…We are proud to partner with community-based non-profits and municipalities through our grant program and are grateful for their dedication to consumers. Through mediation, advocacy, and educational programs, they are helping people in their communities every day.”

And look at this for mediation finding opportunities! Over 400 non crime related call outs in city of Dayton have been resolved by Dayton mediation team on call to dash to your needs! We're ready to empathise with you.

From neighbour problems to anti-social behaviour the response team frees up police and stops matters escalating so that the conflict never explodes to the point where the 50 is needed. Feels like there’s a RoboMediator film somewhere down the line “Directive one: serve the public trust; directive two explore the emotions behind the actions, directive three help the parties find a resolution”

I can’t say I the idea of swooping on to help parties in dispute without all the paperwork and pre-meeting prep we have to go through isn’t appealing, though I do note that they say “where no weapons are involved” which this side of the pond is probably less of a concern but I guess you take your clients’ word that it’s just a dispute over a hedge and “I’m not armed”, not something I’ve ever had to ask!

The three pillars of mediation remain it’s voluntary (except apparently when it won’t be anymore), it’s confidential, the mediator is independent, by using those pillars to support your work the parties keep control, save costs, save time and energy and reduce stress. Finally this one is mediation, mediator jointly appointed, areas of discussion agreed and intention to be bound by the outcome.

In person or via electronic media as we’ve said before choose to mediate early and resolve your issues effectively, timeously, and with less stress and costs than going to your solicitor so you can get out choose a different path, not quite the road less travelled but perhaps the path less adversarial. You have an interest in the outcome the sooner you get round the mediation table the quicker you can move forward and avoid the grilling a cross examination in court would put you through.

By having a deep and meaningful discussions with parties the mediator elicits what the true “red-lines” are and where there is the potential for compromise, it is with this structured period of reflection that the parties are then able to reach an accord.

The flexible nature of mediation and the possible outcomes make it an ideal way to resolve disputes in an ever-changing world and the open nature of discussions in mediation whilst remaining confidential allows all sides to engage fully in the process and understand the needs of all involved allowing parties to reach a conclusion which both sides can live with and move on.

There are so many situations which could have been resolved by early intervention of mediation it continues to surprise me the lengths the public will go to avoid referral.

Whether you need a mediator to help out with a construction matter in the Northwest, or council’s plans in Cheshire, a civil mediator in London, a commercial mediator in Manchester, a dispute resolution for your family in Liverpool, a neighbourhood mediation in Stockport, then our mediators at Northwest Mediation can help.

Mediation is cheaper, quicker and less stressful than running any case to court, it can help with any dispute whether it's an employment issue or the sale at an under value of a property, a fight with a neighbour, family issues, commercial disputes, civil mediation or inheritance, wills and probate arguments contact Northwest Mediation on 07931318347 or via email me at

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