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Our Charges

  • Northwest Mediation charges fees up front before the mediation starts and funds must be cleared before the date of mediation

  • Both parties are jointly liable for the whole of the cost of the mediation

  • Northwest Mediation accepts direct payments by BACS or cheque and via paypal (so you can use your credit card if you wish to spread the cost of resolving your dispute)

  • Due to money laundering regulations Northwest Mediation does not accept payment in cash


Example Fees

Both sides only pay HALF

£130     Initial meeting


£500     Half day mediation


£1200   Full day mediation


£130     Additional hours beyond booked

             appointment time per hour or part hour      


We generally reduce our rates for mediations involving child contact arrangements and can structure fees to be paid in instalments  

All fees are exclusive of VAT


Additional charges are made for the hire of rooms all charges are payable before the date of mediation

Comparable litigation


Example legal costs to trial; both sides pay individually


 Court fee to issue case     £455


 Court fee to list a trial        £1300


 Solicitors costs to issue    £1200


 Solicitors costs to trial       £1200


 Barristers fees for trial       £2000


 Total                                  £6155


 "Mediation is the future" Lord Falconer




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