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Online Mediation

The use of online or remote mediation exploded in 2020, whether by use of MS Teams or Northwest Mediation's preferred platform Zoom online became a necessity and then a blessing.

Northwest Mediation had been using Zoom and FaceTime prior to the pandemic so we were a little ahead of the game but 2020 meant we were Zooming every day in every way.

Do not let the fact that you may be distant from our main office or restrictions on your movement prevent you from seeking mediation.  To be able to take part in online mediation you need nothing more than a smart phone, tablet or computer and a link to the internet.  We will always have a test run with individual parties and their lawyers prior to beginning a mediation to check the technology is working and when in session we can place you and your lawyer in your own break out room to talk privately as and when necessary.

Northwest Mediation has been delighted by the uptake of online mediation, not only has it allowed clients from around the country to use Northwest Mediation's services (our London work has expanded exponentially) but it has resulted in at least as good a rate of resolution for mediations as in person produces

Don't fear the technology, contact Northwest Mediation to see how your dispute can be resolved online.


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