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Our Mediator

An accredited civil and commercial mediator (ACM) Ed Johnson has over 20 years experience dealing with commercial and personal disputes. 

Ed is also a registered mediator with the Civil Mediation Council and a Family Mediator registered with the Family Mediation Council


Your Role

Mediation is collaborative, confidential and inclusive

Achieve a positive result

Northwest Mediation aims to conclude your dispute within 1 day

Ed has always wanted to help people resolve their issues. 

He has a keen sense of justice and fair play balanced with an understanding of commercial interests.  

Having seen the ongoing changes to the legal system he has no doubt that the best way for people and businesses to get affordable solutions to every day problems is to talk to each other. 

He knows from his own experience of running a company how difficult it can be to see the wood for the trees and how helpful it is to have a neutral party guide parties to an amicable resolution.

At Northwest Mediation each party will be given the chance to explain what it is that they would like to achieve and how they feel the dispute has arisen.

Then we will explore with both parties what the key issues are and help you recognise what might be possible solutions.

The simple act of talking over the problem will often lead to a better understanding of each party's position.

We do not force a solution onto anybody.

Mediation also known as alternative  dispute resolution is about reaching an agreement which both parties can accept.

Northwest Mediation will not allow either party to take advantage of the other.

We will help both parties to explain their positions. 

Northwest Mediation will help you narrow the issues in your dispute and enable you to reach conclusion.


Northwest Mediation's Ed Johnson

"Our mediator (Ed Johnson) understood our needs quickly, with clear feedback, helping us to move on"

"Ed provided a quick efficient and professional service. I was kept well informed throughout the process his professional demeanor allowed me to place my full trust in him and his service" 

Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator
Accredited Specialist Family Mediator

Find a workable solution for both parties without costing the earth


As well as heading his own mediation practice Ed is a panel member of national mediation companies, Clear ADR and Promediate and a registered mediator with the Civil Mediation Council and the Family Mediation Council.

When he's not engaged in mediation or working at Northwest Mediation on the website Ed offers consultancy services to law firms.  Outside of work he is a spectacular cook, a father of two irrepressibly cheeky (no longer small) children, amateur gardener, long time LARP enthusiast and occasional voice artist as featured on Radio Wandsworth

"all was very professional but yet relaxed at the same time which helped create a good atmosphere.  Also, saved us so much money so very much appreciated, and there was a genuine desire to help"

Ed works regularly around the UK on his own and with other self employed mediators where appropriate (such as in house company training or where an additional specialism is needed) to ensure clients receive the best service 

Ed "made every effort to bring about a satisfactory resolution" - Solicitor

"The efficiency of the mediator (Ed Johnson) helped to proceed in a dignified and stress free environment with the bonus of a satisfactory outcome for all" - Client

"Fantastic service, with all parties coming away satisfied. Wish I had done it years ago!" - Client

"very professional...saved us so much money...there was a genuine desire to help" - Client


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