M.I.A.M.s and Family Disputes

MIAM or MIAMs is the name for the first meeting in a particular type of mediation for family disputes, but it has come to be used as shorthand for the whole process of mediation for family and children issues which are already in a court process.  It is not the only method available for resolving matrimonial disputes.

MIAMs are carried out by Family Mediation Council (FMC) approved mediators, which at the moment Northwest Mediation is not, however we are able to carry out family mediations on a private basis and continue to have significant regular success in doing so.

Where a MIAM is necessary we work with FMC accredited colleagues who can assist.


At Northwest Mediation we help to avoid extending the length of time a dispute is ongoing and aim to resolve matters in a day and at significantly lower cost than going to court

Only those who are certified by the Family Mediation Council can sign off court papers to confirm that a MIAM has been attempted, however the relevant court form (C100) allows for the exemption if "in the 4 months prior to making the application the person attended a MIAM or participated in another form of non-court dispute resolution relating to the same dispute" 



Whether it's working out whether anyone stays in the family home, contact with children, maintenance payments or splitting up the dinner service, mediation with Northwest Mediation can address every aspect of separation working with you to achieve an acceptable solution to both parties

"Our mediator (Ed Johnson) understood our needs quickly, with clear feedback, helping us to move on"


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Northwest Mediation, Stockport Mediation and Bramhall Mediation are trading names of Ed Johnson

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