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M.I.A.M.s and Family Disputes

MIAM or MIAMs is the name for the first meeting in a particular type of mediation for family disputes, but it has come to be used as shorthand for the start of the whole process of mediation for family and children issues which are potentially headed for the court process.  

Call to arrange a MIAM as the first step on your road to a successful mediated solution.


After your MIAM we'll normally invite the other party to attend and then once both have agreed to mediate we can arrange your first joint session quickly and at your convenience.

At Northwest Mediation we help to avoid extending the length of time a dispute is ongoing and aim to resolve matters quickly and efficiently at significantly lower cost than going to court

Family mediation northwest division of assets



Whether it's working out if anyone stays in the family home, contact with children, maintenance payments or splitting up the dinner service, mediation with Northwest Mediation can address every aspect of separation working with you to achieve an acceptable solution to both parties

"Our mediator (Ed Johnson) understood our needs quickly, with clear feedback, helping us to move on"

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