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According to the theme tune of arguably the most famous creation of the late great Reg Grundy everybody needs good neighbours. (2023 update now back on our screens!)

It is equally accurate to say that good fences make great neighbours.


But fences, trees, building works and noise can all cause disputes and ruin relationships between owners and occupiers of neighbouring properties.

At Northwest Mediation we never forget that after a dispute is resolved neighbours have to see each other on a regular, if not daily, basis and may have many years to live next door to each other.


Resolving issues with your neighbours is far better done at an earlier stage than when you’ve been through the bitterness, stress and expense of a court battle. 

With the help of Northwest Mediation you can resolve boundary disputes, arguments over contributions to repairs and even problems with scrumping without the aggravation of the court process.


Northwest Mediation resolves disputes in a professional and friendly atmosphere where everyone gets their say but most importantly the dispute gets resolved.

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