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The loss of someone you’re close to is never easy and when that pain is complicated and compounded by arguments between family and friends of the loved one it can cause lasting and irreparable damage to relationships.

We'd all like to believe that when we've shuffled off this mortal coil there won't be any squabbling over what we leave behind, but sadly all too often that just isn't the case. 


With the categories of who can make a claim for dependency from the deceased's estate being widened there is an increased litigation risk for personal representatives of the deceased to consider, whether a valid will has been left or not.  The applications for these types of claim are in the High Court and so the costs are correspondingly increased.

Sometimes it's a question of valuable items, but often in cases which Northwest Mediation has experience of it's the sentimental value of small items, perhaps photos or a special ornament, which can cause the greatest arguments.

No one wins by taking family or friends of their loved one to court, the costs of the inheritance dispute quickly mount up and can reduce what is left to be shared out radically, especially when the estate is paying for both sides' costs.

Don't spend time you could be using remembering your loved one, or money you could be spending enjoying life when Northwest Mediation can provide you with an impartial forum to resolve your dispute at a fraction of the cost.

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