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When it comes to costly investments, for most people, a home or business property feature high on the list.


Property can be held in many ways, whether freehold or leasehold the legal title is only the start of investigating who has an interest in a property.


Whether by investment in the fabric of the building or acting to your own detriment you may have established an interest in trust law, whether by common law or by virtue of the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act (known commonly as a TOLATA claim).


Without detailed written evidence of what interest those living in a house may have, disputes can, and frequently do, arise. 

This is especially so between civil partners, family members living in a family property (whether rented or rent free) and in farming properties.

Families and business partners can spend years and thousands of pounds trying to resolve who is entitled to a share of any property and the income arising from them (like in the case of the Shirt family)

Northwest Mediation can and has helped resolve property disputes for families and businesses by listening and guiding those involved to either narrow the issues between them or reach a concluded settlement agreement.

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