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Civil Mediation covers all types of claim that if issued would proceed in the civil courts.


The courts are slow and costly so whether you're an individual who has paid for work to be done at your house or a company who has an issue with the performance of a contract by a subcontractor Northwest Mediation can help you find a workable solution to your issues without the cost of going to court.

It may be there has been a misunderstanding or that the views are entrenched and you need help seeing the wood for the trees, whatever the situation we can and do help companies or all sizes and individuals work through their problems call us now for a quote.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation are far less expensive than taking your arguments to court.

It's not an admission by either side that they are in the "wrong" just that you want to move forward, you lose nothing by asking if the other party will mediate (we don't charge to be told "NO!") and you have much to gain (not least an advantage should you go to court where penalties abound for parties not engaging in mediation).

If you have solicitors acting already they can contact us and we will work with them and the other party to find a mutually convenient location and time to ensure you find an early solution.

"Our mediator (Ed Johnson) understood our needs quickly, with clear feedback, helping us to move on"

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