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Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant keeping the relationship between owner and occupier on a civil basis is key.

Good Tenants are hard to find and so are good Landlords

Inevitably from time to time there are arguments over what needs to be paid by the Landlord and what by the Tenant, if it's not in the contract you could go to court to determine the issue but few people want to wait for the court to have a hearing or pay the fees for legal advice.

At Northwest Mediation you can access alternative dispute resolution and resolve your problems with the help of an independent mediator who will discuss and narrow the issues before assisting you to a resolution.

You may want to continue your Landlord/Tenant relationship whichever side you are on and that is not likely to be the outcome if you take each other to court.  Whether it's a disrepair problem or an issue with documentation for your AST we can help.

If you are a commercial landlord or tenant you may have several tenancy agreements all of which have issues on and which need resolving in one session then mediation is also for you.

Contact us for a quote and a chat to see how Northwest Mediation can resolve your problems.


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