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Mediator by Appointment to the Pope

Northwest Mediation hasn’t quite managed to get the Papal seal of approval just yet, but recent news does show how mediation is now embedded as part of national and international culture.

Picking a mediator can be difficult there are lots of mediators in the business and all come with a wide range of experience, some, like me, have spent years in business and have a legal background others come from the social work or care professions .

When clients approach me and ask why they should choose Northwest Mediation, the answer is threefold:-

I know from experience that people are put off taking their problems to any professional, it’s human nature, so knowing they can talk to me on a friendly basis without being judged, assessed or criticized is one of the reasons that from the first call you make I will be open with you about what to expect from mediation, what it costs and how you can go about getting involved.

It’s not a free service but it is much cheaper than going to your solicitors. When people call and I say it’s about £750 for a day (each) some people worry that is a lot to find, but given a solicitor will most likely ask for £500 on account before looking at your case you might just think that £750 to resolve the issue entirely and in your control doesn’t look too bad.

3. Accessible

I factor in to the quote above the cost of 3 rooms, I use meeting rooms around the north west, through Regus and other companies, there is likely to be somewhere close to you. I will come to wherever you are and if you know somewhere cheaper I can tailor the price accordingly, if you know the local church will let you use their hall then let me know.

So what does this have to do with the Pope? It’s all about choosing your mediator, you need someone you can relate to, and someone you know the person or business you’re in dispute with can also talk to, that’s why sometimes those with a background that doesn’t involve business or law might not be the best pick for your commercial dispute, or if they have no experience of wills and probate you might not want them to be talking to you about your inheritance dispute.

So when Venezuela’s socialist government looked for a mediator to act in an attempt to resolve a dispute with the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro, they approached the Vatican for a mediator.

Fortunately you or your business don’t need to appeal to the Holy See for assistance with your dispute you can just call Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or at

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