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Sex and drugs and rock and roll

By way of demonstrating the breadth of disputes that mediation can assist in, and with a title shamelessly stolen from Ian Drury) we present this week’s news involving sex tapes at Fox News, the Maltese Government’s white paper on extending the use of mediation, FIAT’s emission test problems, Avon and Somerset Police resolving complaints about the slandering of cannabis growers and a song all about being a mediator (which on inspection isn’t at all).

Over in the States a mediator has been appointed by federal judge Vernon Broderick to resolve a claim made by hair and make-up stylists at Fox News over being allegedly prejudiced and dismissed because they complained about being forced by male colleague Mr. Stenson to watch film of a woman using graphic language to describe sexual acts.

There are additional allegations about sexist language and name calling, and all allegations are denied by Fox.

The federal court in New York is generally ahead of the times and will normally refer all parties at the start of proceedings to mediation, we can only hope that the justice secretary takes up our suggestion to do the same this side of the pond.

Over to Malta where Justice Minister Owen Bonnici has confirmed that reforms contained in a mediation white paper will encourage wider and more effective use of mediation by ordinary citizens.

The process should allow litigants to narrow the issues between them and extends the mediation process in Malta to cover disputes about rent.

You can already resolve your rent dispute by mediation in the UK and if you would like to discuss doing so don’t hesitate to call us.

Meanwhile in Germany has requested the European Commission act as mediator in their dispute with Italy regarding whether FIAT’s cars breached exhaust emission legislation.

Commission spokeswoman Lucia Caudet said “We will now assist the German and Italian authorities to the extent possible with a view to facilitating a common understanding of the car manufacturer’s compliance, or lack thereof…. Our role is one of mediating, not arbitrating.”

It often gets misunderstood that we mediators are not arbitrators or judges we don’t make the decision you do, our job is just to assist you in getting there, resolving your differences in a way that all sides can live with.

Closer to home Avon and Somerset Police say that an issue between a Bath police officer, PC Adge Secker, and Peter Reynolds, of the lobby group Clear Cannabis Law Reform has been resolved through mediation.

PC Secker had previously said in an article for the Bath Chronicle that cannabis farms were involved in “organised crime”, “modern slavery”, “human trafficking” and “intimidation”.

Mr Reynolds’ complaint was that the comments were false and were in breach of the Police Regulations 2003 preventing police officers “engaging in politics”.

Post meeting PC Secker said “"Mr Reynolds and I met through an independent mediator and we had a full and frank and useful discussion and we agreed on an awful lot things…We agreed that people trafficking and modern slavery is a terrible thing and it's related to the cannabis industry, but he still refuted some of the claims I made and that's fine, that's his view…He's still advocating the legalisation of cannabis, and I'll never subscribe to that view. But it was an interesting and useful discussion and I'm glad I met him."

Mr Reynolds denies that matters were resolved but has decided not to take the matter to judicial review, being his only other remedy.

We’ve had the sex and the drugs so surely we have to have the rock and roll.

This month also saw the release of Alunageorge’s song “Mediator”.

Whatever public success the London based duo’s laid back number finds, from a professional point of view the lyrics, among them “he’s no good for you”, are diametrically opposed to the neutral stance which all mediators have to adopt in order to ensure fairness and openness in settlements.

As I said at the start the breadth of issues in which mediation can assist is only limited by your willingness to take part.

If you have a problem, with your employer, a contractor, with the purchase of a car, something someone has said about you, your Taylor called Simon, your neighbour or indeed your record company Northwest Mediation can assist, call Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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