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ICC Commercial Mediation Competition

It’s the International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Mediation competition in Paris in February next year.

As a qualified mediator with experience of domestic civil and commercial mediation I am not able to apply for the completion which is aimed at students from up to 30 universities across Europe.

However, I am able to apply to be a judge on the various panels (and by coincidence to attend the various mediator networking events which happen over the week).

Whether I get to selected as a judge is of course a matter for the selection committee but whether or not I am able to take part in the various mediation scenarios (everything from airline disputes to international copyright infringements) I hope to be able to meet with some of my national and international mediators to discuss the techniques used and promotion of mediation as a first step towards dispute resolution rather than an afterthought.

A lot of potential clients tell me that they come to mediation because they have been told they have to, and they are often the same parties who both tell me that the other party won’t mediate so they don’t see the point of getting involved. However, my experience is that after some discussion both sides understand the benefits of mediation and want to work through their issues (whatever they may be) to reduce and end the emotional and financial strain of their dispute. More importantly most of them, despite initial reservations, manage to reach an agreement.

If you would like the help of an accredited mediator or would like to discuss why mediation may be a more affordable solution to your problem please don’t hesitate to call me on 07931318347 or via email on

Please note that Northwest Mediation's office has now moved just down the canal to Suite 1.1(f)Adelphi Mill, Bollington, Cheshire SK10 5JB contact emails and phone numbers remain the same.

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