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It's mediation awareness week UK

Weren’t you aware?

With events from London to Edinburgh Mediation Awareness Week aims to encourage the use of mediation and expand the general public’s awareness that there is an affordable solution to resolving all issues, commercial and personal, that doesn’t involve high legal fees or years of litigation.

As you’ will be aware from previous blog posts the US, particularly New York State, is ahead of the game in using mediation.

This week because of the increasing number of fair labour (labor) cases (the equivalent of the UK’s minimum wage regulations) any cases assigned to any one of seven judges in NY’s Southern District will be automatically referred to mediation to take place within 60 days and before the first case conference can take place.

As with all the mediations once settlement has been achieved the parties are to set out the agreement in writing and send it to the court explaining what (if any) legal fees are included and why the settlement is reasonable.

The decision follows the Eastern District’s expansion of the its mediation program. The effectiveness of the two programs will be monitored and reported upon, and I’ll update the blog when I hear about those results.

Meanwhile in Limerick reports show that over 400 couples a year are using the free family mediation service rather than going to court over children and property after divorce.

Speaking ahead of Mediation Awareness Week Regional Manager Carmel Savage said “The majority of people who use our services are couples divorcing or separating although we do have a smaller but increasing number of extended family disputes…People can expect to wait to see a mediator for between two and three months which is pretty good, as we have recently put more resources into the service…If couples decide to go to court, they could be waiting that long or longer and there is cost involved. There are also long waiting lists for representation through the law centres”.

We don't offer a free service but you won’t have to wait months for a mediation with Northwest Mediation as we can normally accommodate parties within 7-14 days of initial contact if all sides are happy to proceed.

Mediation remains a cost effective tool to help parties reach agreements.

Now you’ve been made aware of mediation if you have a dispute feel free to contact Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email

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