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It's becoming hard to avoid the benefits of mediation

In Ireland there is a continued push for legal advisors to tell their clients to consider using mediation.

A new Mediation Bill will be brought to the Cabinet this year by Frances Fitzgerald, Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) and Minister for Justice & Equality and will put mediation at the heart of the process for resolving disputes.

The act will make it obligatory for legal advisors to consider mediation as a method of dispute resolution and for the parties to confirm to the court when they issue that they have considered mediation.

One hopes they will do more than consider it as the Tánaiste is known to be an advocate of ADR as a cost-efficient method of dispute settlement.

Meanwhile as we’ve reported before in the US more legal actions are being referred to mediation than not as companies recognise the costs and time savings involved in using a professional mediator.

One such case in which mediation is being used is where the subsidiaries of Imperial Brands PLC, Fontem have applied to use mediation in their ongoing disputes with Numark LLC and Reynolds Vapor Co.

The dispute arises over the use of the alleged unlawful use of seven of Fontem’s technology patents for E-cigarettes including cartridge refill packs, rechargeable e-cigs, disposable e-cigs and batteries

In the case against Numark the parties have agreed to use the services of the brilliantly named Lex Brainerd, not a Superman villain but a Californian mediator, in the Reynolds case the parties have asked for more time to agree a mediator.

If you have a personal dispute or if your business is in dispute with another company Northwest Mediation can help you resolve your issue without the expense and delay of a court case, we aim to resolve issues in a day wherever possible by engaging with both parties and helping them to reach an agreement.

Don't keep wondering if mediation will help, governments and large corporations are taking advantage of the process we can help you as well.

At Northwest Mediation we are approachable, affordable and professional. We won't drag your case out, agreements and discussions are all private and not published so there is no chance of your business suffering loss of face for reaching an agreement.

Why not call us to discuss on 07931318347 or email

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