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National Family Mediation Week

Following on the heels of last year’s Mediation Awareness week now it’s the turn of Family Mediation Week 23-27 January 2017, aiming to raise awareness of the opportunity for mediation and how it can help in a positive way for couples who have taken the difficult decision to separate.

There’s more in detail on the homepage about events around the country including links to people explaining how mediation helped them here.

Meanwhile mediation is being used for disputes involving Nike, with their disagreement at Georgetown University regarding the manufacture of Georgetown Branded clothing. Mediator Don Edwards is actively involved trying to resolve the issues which relate to Georgetown wanting to ensure that nike’s operating practices are in line with the University’s stated values.

And if Nike weren’t a big enough name to drop in relation to mediation, how about Mark Zuckerberg?

He’s trying to buy up sections of land which abut his own property on Kauai island, Hawaii. But the State Represenative Kaniela Ing has said that the use of laws, abused by sugar barons, to take land from native Hawaiians is “theft” and plans to introduce a bill that will force the Facebook founder to use mediation first.

Whilst this does rather fly in the face of mediation being essentially voluntary it does achieve the balancing of interests so that the mighty FB cannot use their financial weight to win in court proceedings which would costs the hundreds of local owners many thousands of dollars to defend. Ing added ““If you’re a working class local family and you get sued by sixth richest man in the world, that’s going to cause you a lot of stress”. Having written this two days ago I note that Mr Z may now be rethinking his approach, hopefully it will involve mediation techniques if not an actual mediator.

If you have a problem during the breakdown of your relationship, with a contractor or a neighbour (even if they aren’t the world’s sixth richest person) Northwest Mediation can save you time money and stress, give us a call on 07931318347 or via email at

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