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Dancing in the Street

As previously reported Ireland has been aiming to produce a Mediation Bill for some months. The final draft has now been published.

It’s had a luke warm reception from the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) “We welcome today’s publication of the Mediation Bill and we are generally happy with it” said Sabine Walsh President of MII.

“However, we do see challenges with a number of proposals in the Bill, particularly those that could impact on the ability of the mediator to operate as effectively as possible… The MII has long campaigned for this Bill, which will make mediation more available and deliver better resolutions, at a lower cost, to those who are involved in disputes.”

As you’ll recall the bill aims to divert civil and commercial disputes from court to save everyone time and money.

Here’s hoping for similar legislation in the UK.

Meanwhile in another case of artists using mediation a group of four street performers have been granted a 6 month extension to mediate with the city of Augustine, Florida, regarding where they can perform.

There have been number of protests regarding the limits placed by the city on performers, Brooke Ashley who helped organise the protests said “Art is Not a Crime…I’m a poet and if I were to go to St. Augustine and read a poem on certain streets, I’m technically in violation of this ordinance. That goes for somebody acting, or dancing or hula hooping. It extends much farther than just setting up an easel and painting on the street.”

If you have a dispute over any civil or commercial matter, whether it’s with the council, a neighbour a family member or an employee give Northwest Mediation a call on 07931318347 or via email at

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