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Houston, we have a problem

You know that mediation is an accepted way of dealing with disputes when law schools use it rather than seeking to resolve their issues using solicitors (or lawyers seeing as this is in Houston).

The University of Houston and South Texas College of Law Houston had a trademark dispute over the use of the colour schemes and use of the word “Houston” in an educational context.

Having already spent thousands issuing proceedings and more than halfway to trial the parties agreed to mediate and settled their commercial dispute after two days of mediation.

Meanwhile back here in the UK three charities have declared March as Mediation Month and aiming to help young people to avoid homelessness. The Nightshop charities in Redditch and Wyre Forest along with Basement Project in Bromsgrove are offering mediation to parents and their children, for free.

Sadly Northwest Mediation cannot work for free but we are incredibly reasonably priced, there is a comparison of costs with legal/solicitors’ costs on our main website and yet still people ask if we can assist them with their disputes for free.

We can now accept credit card payments (except Amex) via the paypal button so if you prefer to spread the cost of your mediation by using your flexible friend you can do so, however, for commercial mediation and individual dispute resolution Northwest Mediation continues to provide affordable, accessible professional solutions.

Contact Ed Johnson if you have a trademark dispute, landlord problems, want to engage in commercial alternative dispute resolution or family mediation on 07931318347 or via email

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