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Sky Blue thinking mediation

You may recall we’d discussed the involvement of mediation at Coventry City FC’s ground before. In further developments within the mediation Tory MP for Daventry, Chris Heaton-Harris has become involved reporting directly to the Tracey Crouch, sports Minister.

That involvement follows a suggestion from Coventry South Labour MP Jim Cunningham for a mediator to be appointed by the minister.

The parties now involved include the Football League, the City Council and Sisu (the parent company of the Sky Blues). Whether the owners of Ricoh Arena RFC Wasps will join in has not yet been confirmed.

There have been disputes surrounding the use of the grounds since the stadium was sold on a 250 year deal to Wasps in 2014, but without any such deal to the football club.

The allegations, counter comments and conflicts of interest revealed by leaked council minutes make the case increasingly complex but such disputes are ideal for mediation as there is no limit to the nature of any mediated agreement which can include apologies, guarantees and payments, not merely the payments and injunctions to which court actions are limited.

If you have a contractual dispute, an argument with the council or any problem in need of commercial alternative dispute resolution contact Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or at

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