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International Mediation

You’ve read before that Northwest Mediation considers mediation is a way to solve neighbour issues and in the North Cape of South Africa (Kimberley) one company is trying that very approach.

Kumba Iron Ore are going to mediate to try and agree a deal for the entire town of Dingleton to move 25 km out of the way of their mining interests and seeking 1.6 million Rand (£94,000) from those who’ve not gone.

Richard Spoor, representing Dingleton residents said "We are hoping the mediation will assist us in the interpretation of the International Finance Corporate Guidelines. These are the guidelines that Kumba must comply to,"

In response Kumba has said that those pesky locals are "disrupting the process of rehabilitating" an area of asbestos spillage.

Meanwhile in Lahore the High Court is seeing the positive results from setting up third-party mediation centres.

ADR centres (motto ‘No Litigation but Reconciliation’) are producing cost effective and speedy resolutions in matters which have been ongoing for years in the court system. In the last month the centres received 110 cases and 60 were resolved successfully.

In other international news Northwest Mediation are pleased to confirm that this month also saw the them conclude their first international commercial mediation.

If you have an issue with your neighbour (whether you want them to relocate 25km away or not), a commercial problem, a family dispute or an argument over inheritance mediation is the best way forward.

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