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Lawyers, laws and mediation

Mediation continues to be the first port of call for (even!) law firms in the US.

Over in Buffalo partners at the Cellino and Barnes legal practice are heading to mediation.

The managing partner Robert J Schrek (no not Shrek) stated that they were hopeful that mediation to be conducted by Appellate Division Justice Jerome C. Gorski would end the dispute. The firm was heading for dissolution.

The details of the dispute are not known but it reports state that one of the issues was when one partner, Mr Barnes, refused to allow the daughter of another partner, Mr Cellino, to join the team.

Family disputes are always difficult but particularly when they also involve your business.

Northwest Mediation can and regularly do help with family mediation and business problems (employees or contractual).

Meanwhile the Senate and National Assembly in Islamabad has passed a law encouraging mediation, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Bill, 2017.

The aim of the bill according to the Minister for Law is “to (reduce the) huge backlog of cases in both subordinate and superior courts and … offer simpler and faster alternates which can supplement the traditional legal system.”

Mediation is quicker, cheaper and a lot less stressful than taking any sort of claim or case to court.

Whether your dispute needs family mediation, inheritance or wills and probate mediation, neighbour mediation, contract mediation, commercial mediation, employment mediation Northwest Mediation can help.

Call Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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