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Reduction in Mediation Numbers? Not on our evidence

Parents of children in the Israeli Hadassah Medical Centre refused to take part in a mediation suggested by the Supreme Court, so rather than allow the matter to drag out the Court has now made taking part obligatory.

Vice president of the Supreme Court Elyakim Rubinstein has been proposed for the “forced” mediation process which started this week.

The families are in dispute with the director general of the hospital, Zeev Rotstein, who agreed to the process even when the families refused.

The health minister Yaakov Litzman said “We hope that we will find a solution to the crisis through this framework. At this time, all eyes are on the mediation process…I ask you to put the past behind us and give this process a real chance for the benefit of the children.”

Whilst mediation is voluntary it is becoming increasingly the case that courts expect parties to have tried mediation.

In England and Wales for family cases it is already a requirement that parents try some form of mediation but according to the government there has been a decline in the number of family mediations due to changes in legal aid funding.

Northwest Mediation does not carry out family legal aid mediations but on a daily basis has to turn away clients looking for legal aid mediation. We do however offer very low fees for our services and see clients coming back to us to arrange payment plans and different ways to afford mediation.

We know it is not a case of families not engaging in mediation but a case of there being no way for families to access affordable mediation until they contact Northwest Mediation.

The same is true for those seeking mediation for commercial disputes, arguments with your council, the NHS or your neighbours we offer affordable mediation at your convenience, evenings and weekends with the option to pay in one lump sum, by credit card or in two or three smaller payments.

If you are looking for an affordable professional solution to your dispute contact Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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