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Stunning results for mediation

Examples of the variety of claims in which mediation is able to assist comes in the form of two stories this week.

First in Jackson County, Kansas, a case against local law enforcement for nearly killing a 17 year old during a stop and search has been sent for mediation.

Bryce Masters was stopped by Officer Timothy Runnels and when he refused to get out of the vehicle was shot by the officer with a Taser.

Once Masters was apparently unconscious video evidence showed Runnels hand cuffing Masters and dragging him to one side before unceremoniously dumping him face first on the kerb breaking several of his teeth in the process before asking him “You don’t like to play by the rules, do you?”

Masters had in fact gone into cardiac arrest with his heart stopping for over seven minutes before emergency services arrived and was resuscitated, the lack of oxygen to his body has left him with brain damage.

It is alleged that Runnells repeatedly shocked the unresponsive Masters and that he later filed a misleading report of the incident

Masters is alleged to have suffered a brain injury as a result of the stun gun incident which affects his cognitive reasoning and memory.

Runnels whilst saying he never meant to harm Masters has previously pleaded guilty of violating Masters’ civil right and sentenced in 2016 to a four year prison term, but the civil claim has also been filed against the city (Independence), the police chief and Taser International.

Former Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Jay Daugherty has been appointed as mediator for the civil case with the hope and expectation that matters will resolve before the trial date later this year.

Our second example of mediation in action comes from the skies. The Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) has approached the National Mediation Board to request a mediator assist them in their ongoing dispute over pilots’ contracts, which has been rumbling on since 2014.

It is an example of where mediators can assist in employment disputes, even when the dispute has been going on for many years and both sides are entrenched in their views.

The Pilots’ union has been seeking what they regard as a fair rate of pay in comparison to other airlines Captain Patrick Walsh chairman of the JetBlue unit for ALPA said “JetBlue pays market rate for every aspect of their business—from their aircraft to their fuel, yet they seem to turn a blind eye to the reality of professional pilot costs associated with running a major airline in 2017. The pilots at JetBlue have earned a contract that includes market-rate compensation. Although we hoped that the company would want a quick resolution to negotiations, it’s clear that they are dragging this out to avoid a fair contract for as long as possible. We’re hopeful that a mediator will help us speed along the process and come to an agreement that recognizes our contributions to JetBlue’s success.”

The request for mediation followed a rally in support of the negotiating team by 300 pilots at John F Kennedy International Airport where pilots were briefed on strike preparation and affirmative action which could be taken if the mediation failed. The Rally was addressed by the president of ALPA Tim Canoll confirming the unions full support.

JetBlue’s position has not been helped by its accounts which show over $1 billion in profits for the last two years while it apparently drags its heels in the negotiating process.

Whatever your dispute or claim, civil, employment, family, neighbour or council Northwest Mediation can help call Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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