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Now a member of the Civil Mediation Council

While learning to surf in Cornwall this week I received the good news that my application to join the CMC has been accepted.

This comes in the same week as a pilot scheme involving CMC members offering mediation services at Manchester County Court was announced, so I'll be looking into that straight away.

Whilst my own membership has been accepted I await news that NWM will itself become a registered provider so that we can continue to assist people in all sorts of disputes, as the CMC website itself says:

"The Civil Mediation Council is the recognised authority in the country for all matters related to civil, commercial, workplace and other non-family mediation" and whose stated mission is :-

"To inspire all sectors of society to use mediation when managing and resolving disputes through their (now our) values of: Excellence, Innovation & Growth, Informed Debate, Openness & Inclusion

by promoting the highest standards of skill, conduct and integrity in mediationenable access to high quality mediation services; leading the development and stimulate the growth of mediation and encouraging continuous evaluation and research into mediation; engaging in the key debates that influence the growth and direction of mediation, being a trusted and authoritative source of information about mediation promote an understanding of the value and practicalities of using mediation; acting as a link between all who are interested in mediation, in particular our members, the public, businesses, the professions and the government provide a forum for individuals, organisations and others to work collaboratively on mediation topics"

If you have a dispute that needs dealing with, without the expense, delay and stress of court and lawyers fees speak to ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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