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You can't escape mediation

From the Rohingya crisis to the events in Madrid following the Catalonian vote it’s nearly impossible to avoid media mention of mediation this week.

Apt then that this coming week is Mediation Awareness Week With events around the country (although mostly in London) promoting the use of mediation in all manner of disputes, commercial, fine art, family and international. All of which Northwest Mediation can help you with.

For Northwest Mediation we will be attending the North-West Mediation Network event on the 19th and running our own mediation workshop on the 22/11/17 to practice and discuss techniques and processes with fellow commercial and family mediators.

If you’re wondering whether mediation can assist in your dispute (commercial mediation, employment mediation, family mediation or property mediation) contact Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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