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I didn't know whether to start with a quote from Babylon 5 “and so it begins” or from the terrible Star Wars episode 1 the Phantom Menace “At last!”, so I went with Blackadder (or more precisely) Lord Flasheart.

Ok so it’s not a no holes barred requirement for mediation in every case but the working group of the Civil Justice Council looking at reforms to the way the legal system is working has strongly advised that reforms must be brought in to compel cases to start with mediation.

Whether that will be a pre-issue requirement, perhaps including an automatic of stay of limitation, or a post directions questionnaire requirement (as with the current Manchester pilot scheme which Northwest Mediation is working on) is not known but it has to be a step in the right direction to reduce case costs, stress and time involved in pursuing any kind of complaint.

Similarly over in New York according to a state Supreme Court Commercial Division rule by next year it will be a requirement of all counsel to discuss ADR/mediation with all clients at each and every stage of litigation (including prior to the first case conference).

Given mediation has been a requirement over the other side of the pond for some time the emphasis that it can and now must be considered at every stage is evidence that the courts see the process as effective in commercial as well as family cases.

Northwest Mediation was set up with a view to conducting corporate mediations, commercial dispute resolution and intra-company disputes. We also work with families the more traditional role of mediator when contact or financial issues are in dispute as well as with families who have disputes regarding inheritance and family corporations.

If you think you need a corporate or commercial solicitor to settle your dispute, you do not, nor do you need a family lawyer to deal with your contact dispute; Northwest Mediation is here to help you and find a way to resolve your dispute without thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours and lots of stress.

Call me, Ed Johnson, on 07931318347 or contact me via email at to discuss how mediation can help.

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