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Death and Taxes

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, mediation will help you resolve the problem.

Northwest Mediation works with people who have family disputes over inheritance and has even helped people sort their tax issues out. So it’s no surprise to find mediation being reported as used by the Internal Revenue Service (America’s HMRC) who have created a Fast Track Mediation process.

The program is designed to resolve collection and payment issues with alleged debtors. It applies to self employed and small business owners and gives them the opportunity to resolve their issues, using an Office of Appeals mediator.

The IRS have been “testing” mediation for 16 years, by which point surely testing has become accepted practice? Whatever name you give it, this is another example of mediation in action saving tax payers and the tax authorities money and time.

Back in 2012 a fight in a McDonalds' car park led to the death of two teenagers. The point being dealt with by mediator Deborah Hankinson is when the owner of premises can be held liable for the criminal conduct of third parties. The amount of the claim has already been determined as $27million so the issue to be agreed upon is when and if McDonalds should have had additional security in place to protect their patrons when they knew there had been fights previously.

The court has said that they encourage the “peaceful resolution of disputes” through alternative dispute resolution procedures, including mediation.

Finally in Belize 3 dozen police officers are being trained by the Canadian government funded Improved Access To Justice in the Caribbean (the unlikely acronym of ImpAcT Justice).

From November 28th for 5 days officers of various ranks will attend mediation workshops aimed at increasing the use of ADR to settle conflict in the regions.

ImpAcT Justice started in April 2014 and has been training officers and officials throughout the Caribbean including Dominica, Barbados, Guyana, St Kitts & Nevis, Jamaica, the Grenadines and St Lucia 7 St Vincent.

If you have a dispute and would like to discuss how mediation can help you resolve the problem call Northwest Mediation on 07931318347 or via email

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