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Flying Goats

Earlier this year I wrote about the dispute between Lufthansa and the pilot’s union going to mediation, now following a further dispute with Vereinigung Cockpit mediation is again being sought to find a resolution.

One of the central rules of mediation is that everything discussed is confidential, unless and until both parties want to make public their decisions.

However, before the mediation has begun both parties have publicly stated their positions.

Lufthansa has published its offer of a pay rise of 2.4% this year and 2% in 2017 along with an additional one off payment.

The union had previously publicly stated that a pay rise of 4.4% could be the subject of mediation provided there was an additional one off payment.

The problem with public negotiations in a mediation is that both sides are likely to read between the lines of the offers and counter offers without the guidance that a mediator brings to the discussions.

Often the parties have already discussed in private or public, sometimes through colleagues or friends, what they want knowing that the other party will know where they stand.

At Northwest Mediation we encourage parties at the outset to read to each other a position statement so that everyone knows what the other understands the dispute to be about. It’s then that the hard work starts, with the mediator working with you to find a solution which is acceptable to everyone.

Over in Hartford Connecticut the court has approved a mediated settlement reached between the city and the former Dunkin’ Donuts park developer, Centreplan.

The dispute which arose when Centreplan were fired in June from constructing the Hartford Yard Goats’ stadium.

Centreplan have agreed no longer to interfere with ongoing construction which had led to the team playing the whole of the last season “on the road”.

The City’s mayor, Luke Bronin, said that the mediated settlement "imposes no obligations on the city. Our primary objective right now is to get the stadium finished, and what's important is that Centerplan can no longer interfere with the work being done by Arch Insurance and Whiting-Turner."

Whether you have a problem with your builder or your employees Northwest Mediation can help you reach an agreed private solution.

Call Ed Johnson on 07931318347 or via email at

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