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Family, Construction, Mortgages - all fit for mediation

In ongoing Archers’ news preparation for Shula and Alistair’s mediation began on Monday night with Shula discussing the need to be honest and open in the mediation, although as there was no suggestion it was a shuttle mediation she didn’t consider the option of discussing what she’d like to tell Alistair with the mediator first (telling him you fancy his best mate is hardly important to resolving the issues or indeed going to take matters forward!)

I haven't heard last night's episode so no spoilers please.

Elsewhere in the real world mediation has been identified as a potential way forward for women affected by Ireland’s cervical smear failings.

Although not all those offered have yet taken up the chance to mediate the door remains open.

The background will be familiar to you, Vicky Phelan was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014 despite having been given the all clear following a cervical smear in 2011. Abnormalities were detected in the tests but she wasn’t told until 2017 by which time the cancer had spread and become more aggressive.

So far the HSE’s investigation has found that of the 208 women who had smears which showed indicators of cancer 162 were not told or had the information passed on only later, 17 women have died of whom 15 were never told about their abnormal results.

Whatever the cause of the failing it is a tragedy for all involved and in an effort to minimize further harm and insult to the women affected the Irish government has recommended that mediation be taken up as a way to resolve the consequences.

Insult has already been added to injury when the helpline stopped working due to a technical glitch, which has caused further damage to the confidence of women in Ireland who have a high take up of offers of screening.

The director of CervicalCheck, Gráinne Flannelly, has already resigned and pressure continues to mount against the chief of the HSE Ireland, Tony O’Brien who has already taken a leave of absence to follow suit.

Over in Fiji as with many construction contracts in the UK Justice Suresh Chandra of the Fiji Mediation Centre has said that a mediation clause should automatically be added. Most of the contracts in Fiji have an arbitration clause so adding an additional requirement to mediate should not prove difficult.

If your company would like some example mediation clauses Northwest Mediation is happy to assist in the drafting.

Chandra will be speaking at the Construction Industry Council’s conference and has highlighted that his centre with its 40 strong mediators has a 70% success rate in all construction mediations with many being resolved within hours instead of days at trial or arbitration (where inevitably one party or both feel they have “lost”).

Meanwhile in Nevada people wanting to avoid losing their homes can now use the online mediation platform service provided by HopeLoanPort featuring IndiSoft software.

The administrator of the mediation foreclosure programme, Home Means Nevada Incorporated, has brought in HopeLoanPort to steer all stakeholders into one online collaborative process.

HopeLoanPort’s president and CEO Mark Cole added “HLP is pleased to provide our collaborative platform that will enable a multitude of stakeholders to work seamlessly, efficiently, transparently and securely to assist distressed Nevada homeowners in avoiding mortgage foreclosure”

HopeLoanPort have worked with stakeholders, families, banks, investors, lawyers and the government to create solutions that work for all parties, using mediation techniques and strategies to assist over 600,000 homeowners to resolve their issues in a confidential, (and crucially when dealing online) secure forum.

Whether it’s an employment issue, a complaint with the council’s decisions, property dispute, or family inheritance you can tell by the way that mediation is embraced around the world that mediation is cheaper, quicker and less stressful than running any case to court.

Northwest Mediation can help with any dispute whether it's an employment dispute or the sale at an under value of a property, a right of way, a fight with a neighbour, family issues, commercial disputes or inheritance arguments contact Northwest Mediation on 07931318347 or via email at

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